Rip The Jacker - Heroes (The Brotherhood) lyrics

Artist: Canibus
Song: Heroes
PL∞ mixed by: The Brotherhood

(Intro: sample)
The finger is on the trigger
About to unleash a force with terrible powers
Beyond the comprehension of man
This man will be our hero
For they will make him indestructible
His name: 'Rip the Jacker'

Inspired by the God of thunder and lightning
He's forced to look downward to see what I was writing
They pretend to be Canibus, there is too much to C
They begin to study me but they can't find peace
Biological weapons that are buried in America
Nikola Tesla showed me a 40-foot replica
After the Matrix millions of poets got lost
My microphone was discovered beneath the Temple Mount Mosque
They told me to say this story is a tragedy
But in reality, that's how it has to be
I look at the head of Medusa to put me in the zone
100 bars from the Ripper turns skin into stone
That's why Canibus is a poor pacifist
Pythagoras discovered this by accident
My soul was weak, my mind was open
My heart kept pumping but my spirit was broken

(Lord Zero)
We did not know about space serpents flying around
Gather the evidence, then memorize alternative routes
In his home by the cliffs, I double the writing
I have never been to this level, a new style of rhyming
The Brotherhood is not dead, you will be detained
in a mass grave, brother, I don't care what you say
The temptress likes when I bust, that's why I'm busting revenge
Saw a sideways 8 wrapped around a scarecrow grin
In a newly ordered world living in multiple messages
Give it to the president, based off your raw intelligence
Empirical evidence, you'll never reach the end of it
into the bottomless pool of Canibus sentences
Chemical emergency, then mix the spit with mercury
The Mars God looks in my eyes, Rip the Jacker, worship me

(Chorus x2: Shan51)
United we stand under the Canibus brand
Love pours out of the heart across the land
The DNA 3rd strand will continue to expand
One Love, One Mind time to understand


Imagine playing in my hypercube machine
Comparative images changing from blue to green
Your name will be added to the Brotherhood regime
This whole crew's supreme
I rip through the nights in pursuit of dreams
Four and half foot beings eating fruit with eve
My team and I smoke out the roots of trees
33 is the number that rules the streets
In sync with the painting of Cthulhu's queen
When the dark side of the Moon is seen
From the spacecraft mentally moved by Jean, a word to your computer
I'm looking through the screen, no room in between
Very few believe so they producing fear
I shed tears, I made these jewels for your ears
The fools disappear into the bluest atmosphere
One thousand years of transgression here

(Knowledge God)
Activate your mind by creating new rhymes
Take a look at the time, you see the Infinite sign
Spirits surround lyrics whenever I mix
Knowledge God is an atheist inside the Matrix
Is the global recession a part of progression?
Can we live without money? Yes! Then answer the question
We must find more effective energy resources
Geothermal and electric forces power the horses
I summon Leviathan from the Marianas Trench
Words you cannot bench, you will be weak like the French
Like my internal fire, my words will not expire
They will inspire, consciousness will grow higher
You heard a big boom, seen a shape like a mushroom
The cloud block out the Moon, will you hide in your bedroom?
The Year of the Dragon will host the precession of the Earth
The coming super storm and the world's rebirth

(Chorus x2: Shan51)
United we stand under the Canibus brand
Love pours out of the heart across the land
The DNA 3rd strand will continue to expand
One Love, One Mind time to understand

I dive deep inside the mind of beings with black eyes from the skies
And led them to believe they were wise
They were lies, storyboard scenes created from a dream
Most of you will never ever see what I've seen
A Luciferian lyricist part Lizard King
Sitting on a mass grave in the jungles of time and space
With a weapon bigger than the block gun on lock
Williams, how many kills you got
A quadrillion murders 250 thousand kills
I murder Jackers every day in my drills
Fighting each other to Infinity, I won you lost
Burn skin of face make you scream with extreme force
The Rippers mystic purpose makes your life worthless
Perform surgery on advanced unlimited verses
Master Bis became the greatest poet of all time
I turned a sideways 8 into an Infinite Rhyme

The sheer psychological so ahead of the time by the rhymes
Press rewind what the fuck? I was quiet
Hip Hop made me the best, I repeat: praise me
Poet Laureate since 1980
Quoted from the God of the bars: you see I'm suffering
It was done by a human hominid, who was it then?
Over the horizon LL hurts rhymes, we both cried
Clock time 866 fell from your mind!
Lyrically not heavy, not many interesting
Hip Hop military chiefs told me to stop testing
If I voluntary amplify battle I'm still alive
The Jackers: explain my bars!, it got a wormhole in it
Thank you for your Sun worship, these verses
Take care of planet inertias, half-circled, these rappers are worthless
Believe me if I say that it enlightens the Brother
Poet Laureate to the fullest, the Brotherhood got me covered!

(Chorus x2: Shan51)
United we stand under the Canibus brand
Love pours out of the heart across the land
The DNA 3rd strand will continue to expand
One Love, One Mind time to understand

(Karma Infinite)
Rip the Jacker's CC crew
Sitting down at the mixing board mixing Canibus new
Jean structures a new bar mix
For all the rippers out there who need a new fix
DJ Prolix grabs the crate...
Mix the dubplate the BPMs fluctuate
JVLN FNGZ discovered pyramid rhymes
The sheer size led them to believe I was lying
Knowledge God mixes the bars
He listened to Infinity graduate to the stars
The Ledge mixed this song a 1000 times the best
I'm depressed ... oh well no regrets
Reptilian Agenda engineered a rhyme
I'm lost, which version is this - this time?
Karma Infinite comfortably calls out names
LL, Lil Weezy, Hova, Nas, and Game

I'm still alive, what the fuck did you think?
This is instinct of the Sphinx, I never blink
All the rippers call me, Cthulhu came to know me
Only from the heart can you truly spit this story
Aggressive but regal, we spoke to the people
With eyes of an eagle the evil will see you
They say we shouldn't keep fighting
A flying sighting provided lighting with expert timing
CC Squadron, where are you? The moon?
Or are you at the mixing board, preparing for doom?
Straight out the freak show from the space station
Fire and ash fallout require all concentration
The primitive future, we are burying dead
Luciferian Lights and Sounds playing in my head
Heroes have come, poets look at the sun
The rhymes are in place, I'm done, next one!

Let me explain, I'm off to nail my corpse to a cross
My war birds support, I won Air Force
Open the doors to the Crew with extreme force
Necronomicon protected by the Jericho Wall
Calling below the ground I could smell Cthulhu on the wall
My skull is a submarine hull
A team of Sandstorms Special Access the chopper
OP orders are Awesome, I'm too involved to divorce it
The rhyme is Justice, I bust it, The Brotherhood the numbers
Too easy, be nervous or something, enlightens the brothers
I'ma have to brings the drums in, but very few covered
Rip the Jacker, The code Cracker said "fuck it"
I summon a prophet, The Mayan Sunstone, who was it then?
Quoted from God, 2012, I don't govern them
I did this measured, imagine, the warrior became protector
I got bored for your pleasure, collections from a truer Ripper