Rip The Jacker - God Be With You (KG) lyrics

(The Holocaust: Chorus: X2)
In the wintertime we go walking in the fields
We go to war like Apache and rebel Indians with no shields
I float like a white crow
Explode like a missile in the dark places of the world
Keep the truth and ‘God Be with You’

My Poetry is a beast, the Priest read me the bible
I kneel at the mosque, I pray to the east
The Raven is tapping at my chamber door
It's tryna extract my rhymes no matter how poor
'No Man Is An Island' apart from Rip The Jacker
But he'll speak to the fucking Devil in the fucking HearAfter
I pray 'God Be With You' before you leave Earth
I pray your mother be with you to celebrate your birth
Hip Hop is like the 'Pot calling the kettle black'
The current industry model's dried up it's the fact
Rip chewing bananas like I'm eating a meal
All these conscious rappers slipping on banana peel
I walk through the sand, Rip The Jacker was born
with a Silver Microphone in his bloody cold hand
"That is not dead which can eternal lie"
Quoting Lovecraft, "Even Death may die"
Beings with black eyes, eating ash fallout
from the greatest burnt books, hide mine in the woods
Take a closer look the Pope shook, they ransacked Rome
Earth, wind and fire, mother Earth is my home

(Chorus: X4)

(The Holocaust)
The good Lazarus, I've been missing for forty years, battle us
‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’, my katana blade is cantankerous
A black dragon flying around two towers in a land that's hazardous
You bite down on a bullet for a time and after that return to dust
Like an Indian dummy sitting in a chair with a smile on his face there
To the evil monarch family, I bring despair
Inside my soul there’s lions, tigers and bears
A ghost like the river, signs of the apocalypse
My gun occupants, above the surface world is a metropolis
But I'd rather live down here in the ridge with a tomahawk and headdress
Holding thousands of Indian Braves hostages
I'm like the vision in the eye of a giant great white shark as he swims
Or the hyenas in the desert, glowing eyes making noise at night, Seraphim
I was burned as a witch, you are stuck on a ship inside a bottle
You live inside a painting and move once a week
And near the cottage in the woods an MC tries to walk
And he can't move his feet, so he lifts his arms up to plead to God
And is transformed as you see into an old stretchy, withered tree

(Chorus 2X)