Rip The Jacker - Alchemy II (Shan51) lyrics

They can't battle me so they'd rather embarrass me,
By being mad at me they commit microphone heresy,
I am still the Master, as handsome as my unborn Grandson,
Rip The Jacker, call me grandpa,
As odd as it may seem, the Microphone Fiend
Is God of the Hip Hop regime, Planet Rock Supreme, 50
Kill you with green Lasers, evaporated weed vapour
Electromagnetic Scalar, then something they call a Maser,
"That is not dead which can eternally lie
and with strange aeons even death may die"
Meteors fall from the sky, The Mars God looks at my eyes,
Controlling my heart, controlling my mind,
O Lord, tell me what to do, tell me O Lord,
I've mastered the art of rhyming now I am so bored,
My pain, my joy, my thoughts, I've passed them on through songs,
Respond to me and I will answer to your call, 60
Emotion manifests Thought, Thought manifests Words,
Actions and Reality, that's how it has to be,
In front of me, on both sides and in back of me,
I hear them talking 'bout battling me in the whisper gallery,
The chain of command blames the unseen hand,
The Galactic Plane has a Galactic Plan,
I look up in the sky to see if God is judging me,
Then suddenly I feel Fatima and Medjugorie come to me,
Sitting down at the mixing board comfortably,
They begin to study me, by showing me worlds I would love to see, 70
My body did not melt beyond the Van Allen Belt,
I was transformed into a spirit with no shell,
I could move about freely, I rose, I fell,
The coldness of heaven is like the coldness of hell,
Metaphoric Sun Worship, pulling me with planet like inertias,
Words blinking like the text edit cursor,
Sentences sometimes too sensitive to make sense of it,
Layer upon layer upon layer unedited,
You lazy and you wanna be the best? You crazy!
The Best Train EVERYDAY of the week, 80
Propulsion system gravity driven, white hot thermal external vision
Every lyric got a wormhole in it,
Saint Germaine is real, Germaine is a sage for real,
My sigil is a double headed eagle seal,
Normal life is not real, we are just cogs in a wheel,
We work, we hurt, we search, we feel,
Microphonist that utilizes the study of Conics,
Circular motion in both the para- and the hyperbolas,
Tiger Woods knows this, everytime he plays golf he shows this,
A true master at The Masters in focus, 90
In my time of need, I am not alone,
I was told in a dream by Cthulhu from his tomb
Try to hurt me, I'll murder you, lay you down vertical,
Make your life purposeful, germinate the earth with you,
My black goggles covered with Bat Guano,
I'll hang from the ceiling and watch you, act hostile I'll pop you,
Rap Music and those who listen to it don't owe me nothing,
I don't want nothing from you, not even your judgement,
The Philosophic maverick the massive knowledge magnet,
Underwater sea lilies where I get my magic 100
Matricidal motherfucker homicidal hustler,
Filibuster, never been a Wikipedia lover,
If I were you I wouldn't waste time reading rubbish,
It might turn you into a media puppet, but fuck it