Riley - Someone Quite Like You lyrics

Is it supposed to feel this way?
It hurts so much,
Im out of reach,
Im out of touch,
Ive been out of time,
To finally say,
The words that were right,
And now i cant go back,
To those times,
That we had,
And now i cant find myself,
Cuz i left myself behind,
With you,
With us,
And i cant see tomorrow,
It dark and filled,
With i cant get over you-sorrow
And now in the future holds,
Everything i didnt have,
And now the future says
There will never be,
Someone quite like u...
And it tells me,
I shoulda told you the things that you wanted to hear,

So wake me up,
Open my eyes,
Let me see what im thinking,
Wake me up,
So i can let you in,
And stop pushing you away,

I dont wanna be afraid,
Of loving you,
So wake me up,
Kiss my neck
I wont forget....
Those words...

I want tomorrow to finally stay..
And i dont want to live in yesterday...

Wake me up...
Open my eyes...
Show me what im feeling...
Wake me up..
So i can finally let you in

There will never be someone again
Quite like you