Riley - So Scared lyrics

Im so scared
Of how it's gonna feel
When you leave
And i cut myself to pieces
Im so scared
What the bloods gonna look like
When it's in a puddle on the floor
When my face is in the mirror
Looking paller then ever
Im so scared
How fast my heart is gonna beat
Or if it'll beat at all
If ill be gone by then
And i'll already be falling
Im so scared
Of how it's gonna end
But i've planned it
Over and over again
Flawess imperfection
Like the red sweater i've never worn
It's laying in the closet
Like ill be laying on the floor
It's stained red
From the failures of it's short short life
It doesn't know anyting on the outside
It's awful selfish
Always wanting to be so perfect
It doesn't know any better
It doesn't know whats worth it
And it's laying there
Im laying on the floor
It's everywhere
Im everywhere you are