Right Hand Drive - Beneath The Shortwaves lyrics

Hello beautiful
What's your story this time
It's friday night
Your time to leave it all behind
But beneath the shortwaves
And radio stations
The stereo tells this empty message
You're driving to far
And too fast
I bet you won't see the stop sign

Just like a rain soaked firefly
Caught in the storm
You're trying to find a way out
Trying to find a way out
Wind tossed and blown
Running from all you've known
You're trying to find a way out
Still trying to find a way out

You can't apologize
For something you never did
And staring at his photography
It's not gonna let you forget
The sky opened up and you fell in
Looking for answers
To questions you don't even understand

You can't apologize for something that you never did.
It's best to just stop trying because you'll never forget
Those nights you fell asleep singing in the back seat.
Reciting every word and singing loud the melody
Hoping for another chance to make it out alive
And wondering if the world will change to give you a try
Letting go of everything you wish you'd have known
And not giving any second thought to what you were shown
Don't hold me back, you don't know me that well
You'll never forget
You'll never forget
Those nights.