Riders In The Sky - That's How The Yodel Was Born lyrics

When you hear a cowboy yodeling a song of open range,
your heart leaps up to hear his stirring tale.
But did you ever wonder, at the end of his refrain,
why his voice leaps in a mournful way?

Well, the story as it was told to me,
was handed down through history,
of a singing cowboy brave enough to try
to ride the meanest ol' cayuse
and bucked him off right at the chute
and left him spinning way up in the sky.

The bronco jumped up and the cowboy came down.
They met at the old saddlehorn.
It made a deep impression; you could say it changed his life.
And that's how the yodel was born.

Show 'em, Too Slim!
Hang in there, Slim!
Go, woody!
Ride, ranger, ride!