Ricky Rude - Hold Me Down (feat. Ar-Ab) (2013)

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Ricky Rude - Hold Me Down (feat. Ar-Ab) lyrics

[Verse 1: Ricky Rude]
Some days I wake up and want to get my life together
Most days I wake up and want to get my pipe all pleasured
So many temptations that'll have the mind racin'
It's hard to stay patient and not end up a patient
They say "good things come to those that be waitin'"
Those motherfuckers lied, you better go, no hesitation
Go 'head and do the waitin', you'll just end up agin'
Your failures'll be blatant and your life won't make a statement
I'mma make 'em hate me, the go getters'll love me but the bums'll go crazy
For the fact that can't shake me
Lately, I've been like "fuck you, pay me"
If you got a payment, then we all gravy
I'mma 80's baby, so I ain't on that fake shit
I face my problems, I don't Facebook my problems
I don't talk shit through keyboards, I feed you to Seymour
See more pistols bitch, rip through tissue shit

[Hook: Ricky Rude]
I'm the chaos kid, I'm the problem child
And if you don't know, well ya know me now
And I go hard while she goin' down
So hold me down, yeah hold me down
Hold me down, yeah hold me down
Hold me down, yeah hold me down
And I go hard while she goin' down
So hold me down, yeah hold me down

[Verse 2: AR-AB]
Ahhh, it's 'bout to be chaos
Sellin' dope is my day job
I'm tryna get it like A-Rod
Turn 9 O's to a Maybach
I'm never gon' go broke
My plug get it in by the boat load
Plus he give it to me for the low-low
In the stash box with the 4-4
Ahh, I'm at the pot with my shirt off
Everything cooked up, I don't serve soft
Nigga, you ain't never get a bird off
Or hit a nigga with the Mack then swerve off
I used to sleep on Cass couch
Then I got rich off a half ounce
I done followed niggas to they stash house
Then I came back with mask out

[Hook: Ricky Rude]

[Verse 3: Ricky Rude]
Cause there's no competition when you're in your own world
Even my little sister told me "it was a cold world"
Cold world, cold heart, cold hands, cold flow
I will murder each track until they all know
I'm fresh to death like the living dead
Her breath is fresh so she givin' head
But I couldn't get head, cause I fucked her brains out
Had her scream my name out
Hope she get that stain out
I don't wear Nikes or Mikes, I rock Docs and spikes
I don't bark, I bite, I gotta sharper knife
I rip apart a mic, I bring the dark to light
We can start tonight, of course I'm hype
So excuse my French, while I French inhale, with a French female
And she French kissin' my dick, paintin' a pic with the lipstick
I told her treat the shit like a ship, and let the semen free

[Hook: Ricky Rude]
And I go hard while she goin' down
So hold me down, yeah hold me down
Ahaha, turn that shit off

[Verse 4: Ricky Rude]
Livin' in the most densely populated state
Can give me a migraine all up in my brain
But I'mma give 'em hell for as long as I'm here
Cause your regrets'll last longer than your fears
So you better jump out that motherfuckin' plane
And aim for your dream and be ready for the rain
Cause you will remain, you are here for a reason
The day you were named and the day you started breathin'