Rick Ross - Yacht Club Remix lyrics

[Verse 1 : Rick Ross] :
He not bigga den biggy *****
I'm bigger than you
Just a boat a mi casa like you a milli or 2
Gotta kick off your shoes
Okay lets take a cruise
Heres my captain now relax,
Let him do waht he do
Okay , Who rollin spinach
Cuz I'm reallin the anchor smoke up up an acre
A grass wake up in jamaica, couple nautical nas
I call my cubanos ta cop, puerto rico for women
Hit barbedos ta shop, livin larger than life

Call this the yacht club,before ya join us ***** ya gotta get your stocks up.
Shes walkin back and forth
Shes just itchen ta ****
Then I heard her wisper
Travel the seven seas
There is no better breaze
If he indulgen jelousy his *** better breathe
Man overboard cuz hes goin overboard,
Damn its over for him put that on my vocal cord.