Rick Ross - Speedin' (feat. R. Kelly) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro: Rick Ross {R. Kelly}]
, Legendary,
, Runners,
, You Know Me,
, {o ooooh, o ooooh},
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Rick Ross - Speedin' (feat. R. Kelly) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro: Rick Ross {R. Kelly}]
ZH: [介绍: 瑞克 · 罗斯 {R.凯利}]

EN: Legendary,
ZH: 传说中,

EN: Runners,
ZH: 赛跑者,

EN: You Know Me,
ZH: 你知道我,

EN: {o ooooh, o ooooh},
ZH: {o 哦,o 哦},

EN: Trilla,
ZH: Trilla,

EN: {o ooooh, o ooooh}
ZH: {o 哦,o 哦}

EN: [Verse 1: Rick Ross]
ZH: [诗歌 1: 瑞克 · 罗斯]

EN: Every dollar that I count can't grow in my account,
ZH: 我数每美元不能生长在我的账户

EN: My account can't count up all my money in an hour,
ZH: 我的账户不能在一个小时数了我所有的钱

EN: 'Cause it's comin too fast and I'm scared it won't last,
ZH: 因为它是进得太快,怕它不会持续

EN: Look that white girl in her face,
ZH: 在她的脸,看那白色的女孩

EN: Told her this was her last dance, goddamn (damn),
ZH: 告诉她这是她最后一支舞,该死 (该死)

EN: Speed got my heart racin',
ZH: 速度有比赛,我的心

EN: See I don't have the nominations,
ZH: 见我没有提名,

EN: You can blame it on my occupation,
ZH: 你可以责怪我的职业,

EN: Caesar salad, Caesar's Palace,
ZH: 恺撒色拉、 凯撒宫

EN: You not a boss lil' nigga cause your cheese is garbage,
ZH: 你不是老板 lil' 黑鬼会导致你的奶酪是垃圾,

EN: In the Benz AK ridin' shotgun,
ZH: 在奔驰 AK ridin' 猎枪,

EN: It's a Benz cause your broke 'till you got one,
ZH: 它是你打破了直到你有一个奔驰原因

EN: It ain't nothing do a 100 in the maybach,
ZH: 这不是什么都不做的迈巴赫,100

EN: Throwin' money out the roof muthafuckin' brake pads.
ZH: 扔钱出屋顶 muthafuckin' 刹车片。

EN: [Chorus: R. Kelly]
ZH: [合唱: R.凯利]

EN: Fast life, I live, big cars, big cribs,
ZH: 快速的生活,我活着,大汽车,大床

EN: Speedin', I'm Speedin',
ZH: 飞速行进的路途,我正在运行,

EN: I can't stop, it's all I know,
ZH: 我不能停止,该是知道的

EN: From a youngin' I was taught get dough,
ZH: 来自小 ' 教我得到的面团,

EN: I'm Speedin', Speedin', I'm Speedin'
ZH: 我正在运行,飞速行进的路途,我飞速行进的路途

EN: [Verse 2: Rick Ross]
ZH: [诗歌 2: 瑞克 · 罗斯]

EN: See people came lookin' for me shit I got ghosts,
ZH: 看看人们是来找我点别的事鬼,

EN: See the west coast close and up in the Montrose,
ZH: 请参见关闭并在蒙特罗斯,在西海岸

EN: Big money boss major,
ZH: 大把的钱老板主要,

EN: American Idol, I got fans like Fantasia,
ZH: 美国偶像,我有像幻想曲风扇

EN: Read between the lines or yo' ass like Fantasia,
ZH: 阅读线之间或哟 ' 像幻想曲,屁股

EN: Get hit between the eyes he died they can't save him,
ZH: 撞死两眼之间他们救不了他,

EN: I'm a mosh I'm weavin', no no but I'm Speedin',
ZH: 我跳劲舞我是 weavin',不,但我是 Speedin',

EN: Staring at the skyline I got a million on my mind (I'm the best),
ZH: 我盯着天际线有心事 (我是最好的),100 万

EN: See these pussy niggas running out of time (Ricky Ross),
ZH: 看到这些运行时间 (里奇罗斯),猫鬼

EN: I'm the chill quarter mill for the time piece,
ZH: 我是冷季磨时间片,

EN: Yeah I bought a wheels like deals for the dime beats
ZH: 是的我买了优惠的 dime 节拍像车轮

EN: [Chorus: R. Kelly]
ZH: [合唱: R.凯利]

EN: [Verse 3: R. Kelly]
ZH: [诗歌 3: R.凯利]

EN: Sittin' in the living room watching the Grammy's,
ZH: 坐在客厅里看着外婆的

EN: Wishing that was me that was on the Grammy's,
ZH: 希望这是我外婆的上

EN: All I needed was someone to get behind me (money rain on me),
ZH: 我需要的就是要找我 (我的钱雨),后面

EN: I was a determined hill nigga, dirty shoes of hillfiger,
ZH: 我是一个坚定的山黑鬼,hillfiger,鞋子脏

EN: Homie help me out cause this boy's a drug dealer,
ZH: 兄弟帮我的忙导致这个男孩的毒贩

EN: Nap time cause my gift grew wings,
ZH: 小睡一会儿时间的原因我的礼物长出翅膀,

EN: And now I'm flying down like the cool crew winds,
ZH: 现在我飞下来的酷乘员组风

EN: Kells and Ross on the Hollywood scene,
ZH: 凯尔斯和好莱坞现场罗斯

EN: Red carpet and it's smellin' like green,
ZH: 红地毯和它是绿色,像 smellin'

EN: Now foss cause I got paid off Calabra was the hit poppin' on R&B boss
ZH: 现在我有还清了 Calabra 的自由开放源码软件原因是命中鞋油上 R&B 的老板

EN: [Chorus: R. Kelly]
ZH: [合唱: R.凯利]

EN: [Rick Ross Speaking]
ZH: [里克 · 罗斯讲]

EN: We fly I think somebody followin',
ZH: 我们飞我觉得有人迷失自已,

EN: We hear the Heli-Pad with ya' bitch,
ZH: 我们听到合力垫与雅 ' 婊子,

EN: You worth fifteen million baby don't try to blow it all in one week,
ZH: 1500 万宝宝值得你别想吹它都在一周内,

EN: Fuck with me,
ZH: 和我一起操

EN: Triple C's,
ZH: 三 C,

EN: Boss (I'm Speedin', I'm Speedin'),
ZH: 老板 (我飞速行进的路途,我飞速行进的路途)

EN: I'm a fly away on you haters,
ZH: 我走上你比较讨厌的苍蝇

EN: And I came up so fast,
ZH: 太快了

EN: Movies,
ZH: 电影,

EN: Endorsements,
ZH: 签注,

EN: Films...
ZH: 电影......

EN: We Own Things...
ZH: 我们自己的事情......

EN: Boss [echo]
ZH: 老板 [回声]