Rick Ross - Fire Hazard (2010)

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Rick Ross - Fire Hazard lyrics

Who the fuck you think you fuckin with im a fuckin earner
Ring the fuckin fire alarm here come the money burners
my money burnin, my money burnin, my money burnin
You see my money burnin, money burnin money burnin
You see the smoke bitch

When it come to these bitches im still a backbreaker
let the vocals get the pussy, let the track rape her
ties on the rims skinny but they fat paper
like im fresh out bitch, its time to stack paper
port of Miami my Chevy still candy
My chopper still fully i empty it gladly
Never Hollywood even though I got it good
I aint got a goon, but fuck it somebody gotta do it
Last week You may have heard that we got into it
Now the boy missin bitch you heard how them Gotti's do it (2x)

Im cooking a brick which is my signature dish
time to feed all my niggas this Columbian fish
Yellow tail, red snapper, wood chopper, gold yatch master
Got em brought to Baltimore who movin all the raw
With pink diamond (?) I never saw before
when that chopper clap it drop like a trey beat
stray dog ass bitches wanna give me rabies

when your pockets fat them bitches stay in heat
them niggas trap clothes, we gonna stay and eat
them boys fire hazards when they got them choppers on em
Fuck crime stopper, better call em helicopters on em
Definition of slidin 187
Represent your side only thugs go to heaven
Never Hollywood even though I got it good
I aint gotta goon, But fuck it somebody gotta do it

I grew up watching columbian drug lords
who ever knew i would afford cologne by Tom Ford
trips to Hawaii with Diddy on concords
quarter milli in the Louis bitch pretty as Appolonia
I got a funny feelin Fuckin Feds watchin me
At this point only the goverment could stop me
20 Mill in Four years its a Mobilary
Bon Jovi in this bitch blow for everybody
Ricky Ross, Rick Flair, Black watch, Brick Fair
Never Hollywood even though I got it good
I aint got a goon but Fuck it somebody gotta do it