Richmond Hill - Fugitive lyrics

Hope was lost on a night like tonight, when the cold spring rain from outside, snuck in. Would there be much point to try and win this race, when I am shackeled to the starting line? You don't want to fix a thing except your hair. You go out of your way to impress, everyone or anyone, but me. You are poison.

You fired a warning shot that, should have sent me, running for cover instead I called your bluff. You lit my world on fire, when you showed your winning hand. Can I, escape the devil, with the angel's face.

Another letter sent, a plea for help falls short. (lost signal) Receiver's hanging limp, from my cold hand. I'm drowning in the static, of my tv set. This broadcast is not a test. No. You are Poison

An entourage of shadows chase me through the night. I am a fugative in this game. This childish game of tag, must end tonight.

You are poison... I can't get you off my lips.