Richard Clapton - Modern Life lyrics


You got the prize
But you paid the money, man
You hit those clowns
Fair and square in the mouth
We take our chances
On side-show alley but
You took the chance and put your ass on the line
That's what we have to do to win that prize
Don't say nobody told you
Taught you how to play modern life
It's just a game
But the golden rule is
You never ever get the same chance twice
And that's modern life
Bozo the clown is struttin' round the city
Without his make-up
He's a sorry sight
He thinks he knows
Every trick in the book
He plays the game by cheatin' and lyin'
I watch him slowly dying inside
He's got a monkey to collect all his money
They go to discos in their Porsche turbo drive
They spend their days playing games
On O'Connell street
Then put the money up their nose every night
They wonder why they are dying inside