Richard Buckner - Home lyrics

She had a meaty name and a Guild on the wall and a swagger
Yeah, a champion to this beaten ghost and brow
The city was sweating and they were drinking in the hall
when they got back to the cathouse to drive outta the blackout
And not just some cool-ass show; anywhere but home.

(do you stay where you're supposed to, so you keep your ring around?
my throat just feels so tight where your heart pumped all night.)
They talked until the moon lost to the blue light again
then back to the cornered company of the stranger within
and the one place I wanna go: anywhere but home.

See I hold this little image of how it used to be
but I've got one too many shadows of that night in the street,
There's things that burn away in the heat of true love,
but some nights remain and just burn one night too much.
W/ the flame, w/o the glow, anywhere but home.