Rich Brian - Cold (2018)

Rich Brian - Cold (2018)
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Rich Brian - Cold lyrics
[Verse 1] Saw a car crash, it remind me of our first date And I went back, got massages at that one place Always brought friends but today I feel like doin' this shit alone Callin' my dad when I wanna hear some wisdom Callin' my cab alcohol up in my system Saw a fist fight and that shit don't even make me scared no more Man, I never been the one to be alone All my friends are always hittin' up my phone Everyday is spent with everybody, never on my own But today I'm by myself and I don't even feel alone Like to smoke cigs every time I feel the outside Like to play chicks but get mad when they get new guys You don't get me but I don't blame you, I don't get myself Pressin' on keys, got my life so sweet man GoFundMe on your bitch's pinned tweet man Bumpin' oldies as I try to dick her down She said give it to me now, and I can't help but listen She go, "Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh" Slippery sign all over my door Show some attitude and bitch I won't show Expectation high, I feel like a drone 2018, I got some new goals Not checkin' my statement 'til I got 4 mill Rushin' all year like I commit roadkill Killin' everybody like I'm in a wrong deal Do triple checks on every move I make Work 'til I'm tired then sip on some latte Only do shit if we do it my way Everything gon' depend on what I say (3, 4) [Verse 2] Aye, hold up, wait a second Man, my flow on lethal weapon Hit 'em with the rhymin' pattern Put these rappers under pressure This feel like Armageddon If she witcha I'ma get her Cut you off like Jerry Heller She gon' need another fella I don't take drugs, I just take naps Find another girl to eat up like I hate snacks Dick gon' make her choke like reflux, gotta relax Man, yo' shit is borin' and it's makin' me go sleep fast And I always care 'bout everybody but myself That's the life of a Virgo, never gettin' mad That's not the Brian that we know I just weighed my heart, it's about 30 kilos I just fucked a lady and she 'bout 30 years old Rappin' on this instrumentals, feelin' like a hero Never usin' triplet flows because I'm not a Migo Only lastin' longer 'cause I'm drunk, I don't think she knows Only thing that matters that my dick is like my ego They wishin' I'ma fail These days, no picnics, ain't no fun and games Still motherfuckas always got a lot to say Never got love, so they spreadin' all this hate oh, oh Man they always actin' real tough But I show up for a show and they just wanna leave town People sayin' that my words are colder than the winter It's Brian not Brita, so I'll never have a filter