RiFF RaFF - Terror Wrist (2012)

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RiFF RaFF - Terror Wrist lyrics

[Verse 1]
All my friends are black, but my wives are white
All the syrup in my slice, more ice than a Klondike, boy
I see stars, I see minijatwa's
My car landed in on Mars, by hair cigar
Looks starker than torch, darker than an abyss
Darker than a midnight fist, darker than a black ho mix
With a galaxy gap, ducked off and it say duct tape to an Arabian stick shift
I don't have a fever, but my flows are sick
In my parking spot, I'm in the parking lot, in public
My bank account accumulates money quick
My bank accounted speaks Arabic, nothing to play
Your number's already been erased, nothing to say
I'm sitting sideways at a Chinese buffet
Swinging through central pay, I done poured a four in my cherry marmalade