Rhyn - Wishing The World Away lyrics

Draw your life in black ink marker
It's so much better if it's darker
Then go over every line
Make it more than the last
You can never go beyond the page
One backdrop in this celestial stage
An actor in the main of all
The last member of the cast

So maybe I'll go
To a place with a light that they'll never know
But maybe I'll stay
And keep wishing the world away

Maybe it's me being half-boiled
My pants are off, and often soiled
My friends, they care for me
As long as they think they have
So maybe I'm more owed than owing
But the heart on my sleeve is not worth showing
The only time I ever feel
Is while sitting on the lav

So maybe I'll go
To a place with a sight that they'll never know
Until then I'll stay
Wishing the world away