Rhyn - Waiting At The Window lyrics

Waiting at the window, smiles inside
No room for me, I'm cold out here
Hunger for her perfect body, to match her perfect life
Her friends an inconvenience
So frustrated, all alone
It's my turn to come inside and feel the warmth
Test the windows, get my knife
We'll play by my rules tonight so here I come

A stranger in your house
It's not your paranoia
The walls are breached
The gloves are off

Take off all your clothes, stand here next to me
Do as I tell you, do you want to die?
Look inside for reasons
I will make you love me

Desecrate your body, my cravings cannot wait
Look who's lonely now, your blood, those tears are mine
They can't save you now, their screams still ringing in your ears
Get back on your knees before I change my mind