Rhonda Vincent - If Heartchaches Had Wings lyrics

Its three in the morning on a saturday night the laundry and
dishes just aint worth the fight
headlights are dancing across the living room wall that long distant
higway just echoes the hall
now the babies are sleeping on back in their room and he's been passed
out on the sofa since noon
nobody told her about none of these things and god knows she'd leave
there if heartaches had wings


If heartaches had wings she would fly
away like some bird through the night
its a long long way from a young girl's dreams
but she surely leave there if
heartaches had wings

She grew up believing that wishes come true
a knight on a white horse like some young girls do
so she married her the captain of the school football team
just like she was supposed to as homecoming queen

chorus x1

She turns out the lights and she lays down in bed
sound of that highway still runs through her head
she closes her eyes and she whispers those prayers
and falls asleep wondering does anyone care

chorus x