Reverse Dotty - Turn Up And Play lyrics

Foolish crack head tard bum dick wad dick wad asshole oh so foolish dick wad dick wad crack head tard bum sketch job dick wad dick wad old pinche crack head dick wad dick wad

Theres a place i go
Where the plumbings kinda old
And the walls are all covered in ink
If you find some gold
And its better not to hold
Then be sure to wash your hands in the sink
Something that he sold
That he said we had to own
Was a bucket of the lies that you think
Everybody knows everybody knows everybody knows everybody knows

Turn up and play with

Crack head sketch job pinche dick wad dick wad oh so foolish tard bum
Dick wad dick wad


Turn up and play with me!

Crack head

You know where to go
But if it doesn't flow
Casey's plumbing yes he's plumbing with me
Hiding in the van
Or sittin on the can
Its a plumber and it's got a degree

Everybody knows everybody knows
Everybody knows everybody knows