Revelation - Long After Midnight lyrics

[Words: John Brenner]

Frozen in a state of non-existence
This moment of pain is an eternity
A second stretched out into forever
Shakes the very frame of my soul

An eon of the present is the penance of hell
Time slowly ticks away the centuries
Another second passes, a foolish respite
Because those to come are infinity

Long after midnight, I build castles in the air
I touch and I feel them in my heart
Why can't they be real?

Everyone watches, but no one is near
All seem to listen, but few really hear
The silence is deep, yet in an uproar
And there's no escape, for they've locked the door

Long after midnight, immortality seems so true
I dream of a better time to come
For me and also for you

The battle is over but the war is not won
The evil's chasing me and I cannot run
All around me ideals are rotting away
But I cannot ever give up the fight