Revelation (Blr) - The Day Of Sky Tears lyrics

A Rain Day...
You Are Sitting Near The Window And Looking At The Rain.
It Covers You And You Plunge Into It's Melancholy Melody.
You Can See The Drops Breaking On The Ground.
They Are Like Our Human Life.
Just A Moment Of Their Flight.
And An Inevitable Fall On A Road Of Our Life.

A Rain Day...
A Good Day For Recollections.
A Fire In The FirePlace Warms You.
It Heats Your Body, But Not A Soul.
He Is Despondency Of Your Heart.
Your Soul Is Like A Broken Vessel.
Emptiness Is Inside It.
There Is A Memory In The Soul
About Those Happy Days.

About Her... Her Hands... The Smell Of Her Hair...
Her Tender Touch. It Was So Long Ago,
That Seems To Me It's Unreal.
Fragments Of Recollections Like A Flame
Of A Candle On The Wind.
Her Destiny Is To Be Born Down.

Despondency And Melancholy
These Are The Symbols Of This Day
The Day Of Sky Tears.
The Cry Of Inevitability.

A Rain Day..
A Good Day To Die.
To Go Up With The Rain.
And Feel The Happiness Of The Fly
And Dissolve In The Ocean Of Tears.