Reuben - Approaching by Stealth lyrics

The broken bone pushes against my lung,
And you kiss it better for me,
You're always saying that you don't know what you want,
Well i think i got what you need, (think i got)

There's something pricking in the back of your skull,
Something that you ought to know,
Just like the others that are still stuck in denial,
You find yourself saying "well this is not real, i am not real, this is not real"

But i know who you are and you are just as lost as me, just like me
Just like me,
You got your head in the noose,
What do you want me to do
I can't just vanish the truth
I can't take it back
No i can't just throw it away

Maybe you will listen to me now

Well just dont listen to me

No, no, you dont listen to me, just like me, same as me