Return To Innocence - Fire Purgatory lyrics

Just a false feeling of a girl unmature
and a maiden long in her young mind.
Doesn't know what she soullessly does,
what she cause, when she only wants.
Bursts of sorrow and blasts of gall,
doctors seized with feeling of bewitch.
To the cloister with her
let her come to oblivion.
(Faulty idea connected with it.)

Celebration in the cloister, where crucifix breaks,
body exorcise has no force.
Holy nurse's friary carried to her side,
asleep raving pale over corridors.
Her effort to dash all she loved,
shall change into case with a young man holy.
Thrown shortly into rotting cell,
can't see acts the judge intrudes upon him.
May he be the devil's servant, who only speaks to God.

Half dead hear fire purgatory,
with the fiery pair of evil and
servant of fallen, rising dead men up.
Gorges the body that can hardly sense,
tied at the post, spilt with tar.