Retch & Thelonious Martin - Since My Dog Died (2014)

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Retch & Thelonious Martin - Since My Dog Died lyrics

Let that bitch breathe

[Verse 1: RetcH]
You see me then you see God
I breeze off in a mean car
The diamonds all stutter like a retard
I been Don, I'm King Kong with a mink on
I double parked the [?] with the blinks on
I smoke the purple hues, I suffocate myself with herbal fumes
I crack a brew the other side of Earth in June
We lockin thighs [?]
The crescent moon hovered gently over the skyline
I fine dine with Mai Tais and fine Chine
The dipping sauce is Polynesian, lemon season
And summer breezes, it's Polo chinos without the creases
Uncharted beaches, exotic features on foreign pieces
I beat the body the verdict was read insanity
Then showed up to your fucking pool party on a manatee
I got my mans with me, we back to backed it to this bitch like bumper cars
I'm only tryna holla if ya thumper large
Off the meat rack, toss your son a g-pack
Grab him by the collar like "I need that"
If he acting up, smack him up and tell him don't come back
Til the money right
When I tossed the dice it was a summer night
I keep it dapper, up in Maine eating snapper
At the table it's loud with chatter without manner
Place the drink next to the coaster, pack a toaster
Out to dinner with my mother and my aunt Rosa
[?] you know the phone is a Motorola
My bitch still roll with a fat butt in a baby stroller
I'm in the booth with a dunce cap, hop up on a track like "Yo I love rap"
Theloni bring the drums back

I said since my dog died all I drink is gin
Skull cap with the brim, It's him
Retchy Lo Sweater [x3]