Retard-O-Bot - Jox lyrics

F**king jox, you're homophobes
Smack his ass, leave me alone
Going far and catch that pass
Score the point and win the game at last

Feeling big now, beat me down
I'm sick of jox, let's turn it around
Now you're the nerdy, insecure, bitch
And I'm the one's who stylish

You know what, you're all alike
Let's make up and be friends

Ohh, steroids have shrunk my testicals
Ohh, steroids have shrunk my testicals

Emergency, emergency
His balls are shrunken
(Oh my god)

Kill the keg and get f**ked up, slip a bitch some ruffenol
Homo thoughts still run inside your head, cause you're a closet fag
Throw me the football. I'm gonna score a field goal!
Told ya'll before, I'm gonna score!
I got no dick and my balls are gone but I run real fast and I score the goal.
Party all night wake up in the gutter and drink all day and French-kiss my brother.
Ohh, Steroids have shrunk my testicals,
Ohh, Steroids have shrunk my testicals.