Resurrection Band - Footprints lyrics

Did I ever know you? - That's the saddest thing of all,
In my mind I'm holding you,
Been a long time since the fall,
I can't embrace a memory, I couldn't even say goodbye,
Only left me with one question, and that's: why?

There were footprints in the snow,
You'd come 'round late at night,
You knew the door was always open, but you never came inside,
Now I'm standing by a cold, grey stone, all alone like you,
Don't tell me love's a mystery,
I'm feeling so confused, so confused.

You told me 'bout a heart of stone, said you could throw it through these pains,
Hoping to be rescued, still a prisoner of your shame,
You said bleeding was so easy, but to ever take the blame was like swallowing hot coals and spitting...spitting out the flames,
Tried to show my love for you - now its just too late?
Why did you...why did you have to make the last mistake?
The last mistake.