Resist The Thought - Extermination lyrics

I sent down a curse through the generations
to rid the earth of all creation
descendants of the throne will march unto their own god sent perdition

there us no time to hide
salvation is unanswered
condemned to the afterlife
by the antichrist
this is the extermination

I possess the power to destroy all that you know
the most malignant beasts envy the vehemence that I hold
a ruthless tyrant abomination of god
the blood of humankind is on my hands and I have no remorse

ill drain the life from the scum

come at me with everything that you have
ill be the last one you live to forget
no pity for anything that I've done
you prey for mercy but I will never stop

ill drain the life from the scum
the life from the scum

the darkest hour is upon humankind
for I am the creature that hunts at night
enticed by the stench of flesh
and the fear in your eyes

repent for your soul
cry out for the saviour
bow down to me and face your final hour

I will rid the earth of you