Relient K - Wit's All Been Done Before lyrics

I wish I could innovate
And try to streatch your minds
Cuz often times, when guys like me
Do that they leave themselves behind
To clean the mess, quick to impress
A little bit of everyone
But to innovate, Is a mistake
Cuz there's nothin new under the sun

Cuz we're all gettin tired of the media
Cuz it tries to hard to make you like something
Cuz we're all gettin tired of the media
Cuz creating something new is just recycling

Wit, wits all been done before
Yeah we do something to death
Then we dig it up just to do it some more

In all my lines, the warning signs
But not all with dead ends
And I'm not sure, the clever words
All sit well with my friends
I will not just sit and watch
Antother victim fall
I'll just have to do what my gut tells me to
And hope that you will buy it all


Originality is a ghost town
And its oh so hard to get to and when you do
Then people start to hate you
You scream that you believe out loud in a crowd people eill hate you
Cuz repetition's just so safe, repetitions's just like prison
And i prefer to be out of place cuz I'm not really into prison