Relapse - This Endless Story lyrics

Hey, can't we have just one last moment?
I dont think it's too much to ask,
But I'm just never sure with you,
Those moments shared lost forever,
And now I find I dont even know you.

Some things never change,
Somehow we did,
Did communication break down,
Or did it never begin.

Staring out the window,
Snow and ice glazing the pane,
Wishing it all better,
But knowing it's over.

Asking myself over and over again,
Could this have ended any different,
Knowing deep inside it couldn't,
But hope doesn't change,
This feeling in my heart.

Begging, Pleading, But never receiving,

Asking, Waiting, Soon I'm leaving.

You said to go,
And now I'm gone,
Did you really want this?
You said we were done,
Well congratulations,
I'm out of the picture now.

This is me,
That was you,
Can't turn back now,
Because there's nowhere left to go,
There's nowhere left to go.

[Written by Corey and Jamey]