Regnum Umbra Ignis - Satanstorms Manifestation lyrics

The evil hails the hordes of hate
With storms of blood and power
The shadows and satanic fire
The manifestation of the supreme evil
That burn inside us.

The Satan's eyes across of times saw
The sick evolution of this sphere
And Thy presence enthroned the death and chaos
Carried to the weak by Thy mighty legions
Across slaughters and bloody battles.

The night is coming and with it
We celebrate the violent face of evil
The night is coming and with it
We celebrate with blood, lust and hate.

Satanstorms manifestations!
The unholy sign of the strong.
Satanstorms manifestations!
The proliferation of the evil.

The wisdom… the occult and immortal flame
The way… the only one for the strong being
The power… to look turned to yourself
The vengeance… the hate in his real form
The personification… spirituality deepness without gods!