Reflection Eternal - Ballad Of The Black Gold lyrics (Chinese translation). | Chorus:
, This is the ballad of the black gold
, They call it Texas tea
, But it's bigger than a...
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Reflection Eternal - Ballad Of The Black Gold (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: This is the ballad of the black gold
ZH: 这是情歌的黑色黄金

EN: They call it Texas tea
ZH: 他们叫它德克萨斯州茶

EN: But it's bigger than a cowboy with a lasso
ZH: 但它比牛仔使用套索

EN: It's deeper than a black hole
ZH: 它是比黑洞更深

EN: Create monopolies
ZH: 创建垄断

EN: Except they collect a fee when you pass-go
ZH: 除了他们收取费用,当你传递转

EN: Crisis' international
ZH: 金融危机的国际

EN: The government de facto
ZH: 事实上,政府

EN: We got no control in this fiasco
ZH: 我们管不了这次事件中

EN: Darker than the back roads
ZH: 比后面的路上暗

EN: Bubble hotter than Tabasco
ZH: 泡沫比塔瓦斯科州热

EN: More than what you bargained for or asked for
ZH: 比你的议价或要求提供更多

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: You never see happy-hungry people that ain't rational
ZH: 你从没见过不是理性的渴求幸福的人

EN: They blasting through the gates and they attack you at the capital
ZH: 他们通过大门爆破和他们攻击你在首都

EN: Run up in your palace, find the head of the states and crack a few
ZH: 在你的宫殿中运行、 查找的国家元首和裂缝几

EN: Get a taste of power, then they become fascists too
ZH: 尝到的电源,然后他们也是成为法西斯主义者

EN: The fiscal conservatives, don't know what they purpose is
ZH: 财政保守派,不知道他们的目的是

EN: Money on the war, then they cut the goods and services
ZH: 钱的战争,然后他们砍的货物和服务

EN: Murderous, corporate monsters is breaking records
ZH: 杀人不眨眼、 公司怪物打破纪录

EN: Exxon is at 40 billion a year, they raking in record profits. Stop it!
ZH: 埃克森美孚是在 400 亿一年,他们耙在创纪录的利润。停下!

EN: How they banking while the auto industry is tanking?
ZH: 他们同时,汽车工业银行套如何?

EN: Leadership is sinking; oil pollution in the water stanking
ZH: 领导正在下沉 ;石油污染的水 stanking

EN: Loyalty to petroleum; royalty spoiled the economy
ZH: 对石油 ; 忠诚版税宠坏了经济

EN: We won't get it poppin' till we're oil-free
ZH: 我们不会震动直到我们无油

EN: If you're oil-rich then we invade it
ZH: 如果你是富油然后我们侵略它

EN: They call it occupation but we're losing jobs across the nation
ZH: 他们叫它占领,但我们在全国各地失去就业机会

EN: Drill, baby, drill, while they make our soldiers kill
ZH: 钻、 婴儿、 钻,虽然他们使我们的士兵杀了

EN: Baby still, the desert where the blood and oil spill
ZH: 仍然,宝贝哪里的血液和石油泄漏的沙漠

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Nigeria is celebrating 50 years of independence
ZH: 尼日利亚庆祝 50 年独立

EN: They still feel the colonial effects of Great Britain's presence
ZH: 他们还是觉得殖民地的英国的存在影响

EN: Dictators quick to imitate the West
ZH: 快速模仿西方的独裁者

EN: Got in bed with oil companies and now the place is a mess
ZH: 有在床上与油公司和现在的地方是一片混乱

EN: Take a guess, which ones came and violated
ZH: 猜一猜,哪些来了并侵犯

EN: They oiled up the soil, the Ogoni people was almost annihilated
ZH: 他们占地土上油、 奥戈尼人几乎被消灭了

EN: But still they never stayed silent
ZH: 但仍然他们永远保持沉默

EN: They was activists and poets using non-violent tactics
ZH: 他们是积极分子和诗人使用非暴力策略

EN: That was catalyst for soldiers to break into they crib
ZH: 那是士兵闯入他们提供婴儿床的催化剂

EN: Take it from the kids and try to break'em like a twig
ZH: 从孩子们来看,并尝试像树枝 break'em

EN: And make examples of the leaders; executed Saro-Wiwa,
ZH: 和使例子的领导人 ;执行的 Saro-wiwa,

EN: Threw Fela's mom out the window right after they beat her
ZH: 之后他们打败她扔出窗口右费拉的妈妈

EN: In an effort to defeat hope. Now the people's feet soaked in oil [?]
ZH: 希望在努力打败。现在人的脚泡在油 [?]

EN: So the youth is doing drive-bys through speed boats [?]
ZH: 青年时期这样飞车通过快艇 [?]

EN: They kidnap the workers, they blowing up the pipelines
ZH: 他们绑架的工人,他们炸毁石油管道

EN: You see the fires glowing in the nighttime
ZH: 你看到在夜间发光的火灾

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Verse 3]
ZH: [第 3 节]

EN: History, a slippery creature
ZH: 历史上,滑滑的小家伙

EN: Its full of plot twists and surprise endings like a mystery feature
ZH: 它充满了情节的曲折和惊喜结尾喜欢神秘功能

EN: This oil shit is slicker than preachers
ZH: 此油狗屎是传道人比那雨衣

EN: It make the problems in the region amplify like victory speeches
ZH: 它使该区域存在的问题放大像胜利演讲

EN: Poison the water and lead the boys to the slaughter
ZH: 在水里下毒,导致屠宰的男孩

EN: Go in somebody country and rearrange the order and destroy the borders
ZH: 走在别人的国家和重新排列顺序和摧毁边界

EN: You see them dancing through the fields of fire
ZH: 你看他们跳舞通过火的域

EN: World domination--their real desire
ZH: 统治世界 — — 真正的愿望

EN: The devil is still a liar
ZH: 魔鬼仍然是个骗子

EN: [Chorus 2x]
ZH: [合唱 2 x]