Reese - I Get High lyrics

I get high off yo memory
High off ya memory 2x's

I get so high I forget my own mothers name.
It,s just a shame
Eyes bloodshot
And I'm sleepy
My mouth is dry and I'm dizzy
Got a job just to get weed
Most of the time you see me rollin a philly
The lord need to come and help me
You get the munchies
My motto is if you ain't bringin' a dish or chips
You can't smoke wit me
Got heart disease
But i still take a l to the head
Just so poor got a car that's red
The hood is blue
The trunk is white
And one window is tinted
I smoke day and night
I smoke all my money up don't got enough to get it fixed


I'm addicted my New's Reslution was to stop but when the ball dropped so did the leaf
I got so mad cuz that was my last one so I to roll money
My bills is piled up but i do'nt give a fuck cuz i'm gettin my windows fogged up


They tried to mlay me off from work cuz i came in high
But when i took the drug test they was so suprised
That it came clean
They still laid me off cuz i came in sleepy
So i switched to burger king
I get so high
I can touch the sky
I get high occasionally
Who i'm foolin'
I get high 24-7
I get high it feels like i can touch god in heaven
It's a job
Expect you don't get paid
But the benefits are great it takes all the pain and stress and pain away
I get so high
To get by
Smoke grass
Likes it oxygen
Breathe in and breathe out and do it over again
Smoke with niggas start the rotation
I'm pacin and waitin on next weeks check
So i can get some grass
And get stoned
So bad i forget where the gas peddle at
I forgot my seatbelt
Oh shit we about to crash