Reema Major - I Am Legend (2011)

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Reema Major - I Am Legend lyrics

Here I am! (x4)
H.E.R.E , I A.M ,
R double E ta da M to da A, M.
I get it in PM to da AM
Get mo' dough then a ATM
Nuttier then a M&M
Man I be killin' em ..
Yea 6 o's is the muthafuckin' minimum

Benjamin is the only man getting in my pants,
A hundred dollar bill, for a hundred dollar pants.

First thing first better show respect cuz
I ain't really into no disrespect cuz
I don't ever hesitate to raise the tech cuz
Now, Now I’ll be walking away with the big buz

Reema M this, Reema M that
Reema M made the hottest chick look wack
In fact
I know she’s wishing she never came out
Tell me how my name taste all up in ya mouth
Na Na Na Boo Boo
You can’t be me,
On next level
So you haters can’t see me
Go so hard but I make it look easy
Everything quits, bitch
Call me breezy

I am legend, you is second,
Ain't nobody, ain't nobody iller than me…

**Checks on my back And hoes stop jeffin'**

Here I am! (x4)
I am legend, legend, legend