Reef & Dylan Owen - Dreams (feat. Grace Kelly) (2014)

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Reef & Dylan Owen - Dreams (feat. Grace Kelly) lyrics


[Hook: Grace Kelly] x2
I've been waiting, waiting all my life
And my dreams came true

[Verse 1: Reef]
Lampin' in the star light, but am I really alright
I think I am, I think I am, but am I really stronger than
My worst fear, or my deepest insecurity
Im trying to find myself its like im dealing with a burglary
She came and cut my deep like an open heart surgery
I guess we can muscle like my middle name was "mercury"
Man it's really better, from the outside
And when the night comes we philosophize
Move your hands baby, let me see your eyes
Im standing still, I can't move im feeling paralysed
Let your worries go to shit it's complicated
As time moves on and our memories get faded
Was it really worth it, all my judgements mistakin'
I'll never let her go and she'll never be forsaken
If the dreams don't pan out, fuck it I'll still try
Me and Hip Hop, forever you and I

[Hook] x4
I've been waiting, waiting all my life
And my dreams came true

[Verse 2: Dylan Owen]
I close my eyes when I vocalise
Get a little bit of weight, then my shoulders fine
I spend to much time cocked and loaded
Shooting at stars that don't a-line
Love is such a funny thing
The hungrier my stomach seems
The tougher that im suffering
And broken times, I never smiled
In our photo albums
And if you wonder why
Our troubled lives would run and hide in summertime, then what am I
Im only here for one reason
And im through with speaking candidly
I know I got good fortune, my dude Reef is family
But whenever I call you now, well you don't even answer me
You fold your arms across your chest and you don't reach your hand for me
But what you dont understand is that this music is my air to breath
And I don't care to see you use it carelessly
If dreams come true
I'll spit just to lead you in my shoes
I know that hurts your feet im sorry that I treat you like I do
But I'll be praying for the day that I find my glory
It's a cold game and im not telling sideline stories
Here we go

[Hook] x5
I've been waiting, waiting all my life
And my dreams came true