Rednex - The Sad But True Story Of Ray Mingus lyrics

It's been pretty long time baby
but now i'm back in town
it's time to leave our husband now
u know that little clown
Last time we were seeing
didn't u beg for more
it's okey with me as long as you
do it 4 on the floor
This is what i'm giving u
u'll get it all to night
u will b my lover
but not my tendered wife
I'll b harder than your husband
i'll b harder than your man
i'll hit u with my twenty inch
until u can not stand
I've missed the little north-
pole on the bottom of my
twister here's the one-eyed-
worm now u'll never b a sister
Well it's time to leave now
u better walk on home
don't forget your underwears
u look pretty stoned