Redman - Wus Really Hood (2016)

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Redman - Wus Really Hood lyrics

Redman in the building, everything smokey
Shades on, got the Ray Bans and the Oakleys
Hit the strip club and nobody knows me
I start throwing cake around like Steve Aoki
Now they approach me, saying I'm vicious
But I'm like Shaft coat, I been in the trenches
When I do a show, when it's over, bitches
And when you do a show, when it's over, crickets
Get a quick drill then I'm back on the oven
Cooking food for thought, metaphor McNuggets
SuperBad bad and y'all McLovin
I don't wrestle but even hacksaw Jim Duggets
It's flow after flow I keep punchlines
Blow after blow, I rock socks with the gold at the toe
I don't like to brag but my horsepower
What makes Samuel say "Who dat nigga on that nag"
Never sell out, remain true to my era
Masta Ace letter to the better
[When Special Ed] jumped out the Jetta
With Eazy-E hung with Jerry Eller
Before OJ said "I'm a killer"
I was murderin' cats and they ain't have a clue
Even now I turn cats to Chinese food
Redman on blast, my piss excellence
The bud I got greener than the Grinch
Let's get it

Roll your blunts and light the bud
And keep your gun on you just because
Because everybody wanna be rich as fuck
But when it's your time, you ain't sayin' much
Quiet on the set, what's really hood nigga
You ain't riding with a tech, what's really hood nigga
Nigga I'm brick city, either die or fuck with me
Sign me a check what's really hood