Redline - Moments Of Truth lyrics

My fortitude is what sets me free. Strength of mind, my will to succeed.
As worlds fall apart is a one man fight, you reach deep inside and scream with all your might - Why me?
I used to say that I've seen better days. Time had its way, now I'll always say I've seen worse. If there's one thing that's known, that our history shows, It's that every war has got a turning point.
Hiding in the shadows next to you. I'm the underdog you never knew. You never thought that you could ever lose, all the while I watched your every move.
Like a dog that never shows its teeth I'm the one you always thought was weak. You never ever gave me a second thought, now its too late, you wonder what went wrong.
I know who I am. I know where I'm going.
I know who the fuck I am, I know where I'm going