Redeemers - Scheherazade lyrics

The fires are ignited, hails to the mighty fearsome king.
The legends reunite in pages that enlighten history.
Oh, the wistful sands below the bright shine of sun.
With the scream of a one true king, our tale has just begun.
"Take her life"

All the girls were terrified, you can hear the cries.
She's to face a homicide, who is claimed as his bride,
As his bride.

Wails to the furious king.
Welcome the next bride in.

He lived in an asylum, seized in his pride in the golden walls.
Yet, one young bride had finally arrived to save the souls.
With the beauty in her dance, she caught the sultan's eyes.
She was named as Scheherazade, she reached for his delights.
Change in mind.

Scheherazade evoked her tales to come alive,
She narrated stories in a thousand and one nights,
Thousand nights.

Stories of fantasies.
Our king was so pleased.

Carpets fly, ships sunk beneath, down the seven seas.
Magic lamps and horses with wings, swords of mystery.
So, the king got so relieved, gracious as can be.
Pains inside and agony, all is disappeared.

Scheherazade found out that her stories were about to end,
And her thousand night trick is nearly over.
What must she do? She has no choice but exile,
To run for her life, run Scheherazade, run…

They caught her. She thought she'll have the same destiny,
For she hadn't noticed that our mighty king has changed.

But, king Scheherayar told her that true love is more than just another story.