Red Top Road - Kiss It Goodbye lyrics

So this is what you wanted
A smile on my face as I wave to grace
Just her goodnight
Kiss It Goodbye.
Everybody's always telling me what to say
Let it stay that way, don't walk away
Well this one's from me
I don't care if you understand anymore
You're such a bore
And we do this it's been done before
And you still got so much time to burn
Go ahead and burn it away.
Tell them I said hi
Tell her I said goodbye
I'm following the sights, and that's my way out
Follow, yeah, you're too damn close to me, always at my side
Keep your word, I trust your word
But it's not worth much these days and niether am I.
I'm never coming back to you I don't want to fall in love again
They said never say never ever again so I'm never saying never, ever again