Red Roses For A Blue Lady - She Doesn't Like Rock And Roll lyrics

I have intentions to bring you down and you know nothing more than my name..i know you grasped his heart for popularity and i know you smashed his heart for're on the roof screaming your lungs out... you've reached the top like all the cause fight against, segregating for social status..there's a wall that separates us..i will build this wall ten feet tall and you will never be one..your case of acceptance hate and new found friends leaves a backward view of that lonely kids acceptance, but there's determination in keeping his head held high..retain and dismiss and smile with your pathetic political agenda and denounce him as a friend altogether..the world is so crazy and what are you fighting for? fighting for a friendship you will never have? the world is so crazy and what are you fighting for? more like fighting your way to the're not killing to bring the man down..instead you're killing to become the man himself..and it seems the one who boycotts more is the one whose acceptance soars..retain and dismiss..we're still rocking on our bottom floor, a two man social status..we're still rockin'