Red Letter Day - Sincerely Hopeful lyrics

Sometimes I hang by every word that you say,
Or you don't say.
It makes me crazy inside.
Your letters speak a voice of reason.
My mood depends on the season.
But in you I can confide.

In you I can confide.
And I just can't tell if I'm doing this all for nothing.
Or if doing this means nothing if it's for everything.

Right now I'm too afraid to take this chance.
Would it be so bad if I tried to work this out?
Could it really be so bad?

Hush now baby don't scared of me.
I'm here to help you out.
Confusion has set in,
But the key is to finding our way out.
You see life's unpredictable,
It's hard to figure out if we belong.
But we've made it this far,
So it can't be all that wrong.
I just wonder sometimes if our hearts are going to change.

Are they going to change?
It's 2 a.m. on a tuesday morning I realize we're gonna be fine.
It's your soothing voice that comforts me,
Helps me keep my past behind.