Red Flag - Lover's Unite lyrics

We lay in the tall grass, at the crest of a hill
Watching the clouds pass by, we move while still

In the valley below us, or far out to sea
All I want to know is, I want you here by me

Standing high upon a hillside
crying out to the valley below
Looking down from the edge of the hillside
I will always love you so

We too belong together, it's only right two birds of a feather
Lovers please unite

I've searched for me meaning inside and out
At the risk of demeaning I'll whisper, I'll shout

From the edge of the hillside to the valley below
as far as my voice will carry as far as my voice will go

I try not to notice, but I watch you a lot
I caught you while playing, love me, love me not

As your torture a daisy, do the petals agree
Will the last one die saying that you love me