Red Dons - Enemy Ears lyrics

Too many people
In our lives are deceiving us
With planned disorder
Planting seeds of distrust
Enemy ears
Are listening and are judging us
To betray our confidence

Oh, I’ll do anything now
Oh, to stop your suffering

It’s an invasion
Into the minds of the people now
Without coercion
But brought in with their consent
So we are leaving
On a path few have travelled down
But knowing
There’s finite chance of success

Oh, I’ll do anything now
Oh, to stop your suffering

Come with us
Come with us
Now now now
Let’s not make this harder than it already is
Lost and overwhelmed by the news
Weighed down ‘til nothing’s is left of you
Pack your bags we can leave tonight
Join Hajji and Pariah and the Cambridge Five
They’re gonna come with us
It will be alright
By the morning light
We’ll be in sight
Of better life

In even numbers
We forge forth to the other side
The good life
Or madness who here can tell
Your choice now
Is between hell if you follow us
Or disgrace
Yes disgrace if you don’t
You can starve with social elites
Or join us in our defeat