Red Circuit - Under The Sun lyrics

[M. Teske / A. Kuntz]

I don't believe my eyes
Nothing seems unreal
I'm losing control of my own life
Never been a wise man's child
A simple minded guy
But I can read between the lies

I picture the scene
There's nothing to lose
And nothing can lead me too far
The truth you'll explore
Is like judging a game
Just peace of mind

Under the sun, judged with a guilty mind
You walk alone, in the presence of life
Under the sun, you'll see the light
You'll meet your match
When you walk through the desert of life

Ignoring all human signs
Denying commen view
The test of fate is on his way
Drowned in a sea of lies
Is what you call the truth
You try to reach these hidden sins

The ways of the past
Are no longer true
But nothing prevents me from harm
The path I took
Was stained by lies
Nothing left to say