Red Cafe - The Motto (Bonus) (Hells Kitchen Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Popping champagne, like a champion
, Heard the club popping so I came to do the damn thing
, Dope...
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Red Cafe - The Motto (Bonus) (Hells Kitchen Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Popping champagne, like a champion
ZH: 爆裂的香槟,像冠军

EN: Heard the club popping so I came to do the damn thing
ZH: 听到跳跳所以我来做这个该死的俱乐部

EN: Dope dealer, the girls want since the nba lock, got them looking like
ZH: 涂料经销商,女孩子们想要自 nba 的锁,让他们看起来像

EN: steak
ZH: 牛排

EN: Hey Drizzy, me and on the beach, making girls get silly over some
ZH: 嘿,Drizzy,我和在海滩上,做得有些傻的女孩

EN: Money money, money money money,
ZH: 钱钱钱钱钱,

EN: They heard my team got a whole lot of money
ZH: 他们听到我的团队了很多的钱

EN: I got a condo out cost it pretty penny
ZH: 我得到了公寓出花它不少钱

EN: Actually 2 nickels, hey, fuck it
ZH: 其实 2 分币,嘿,妈

EN: Its mine, I spend it, just tell the waitress
ZH: 其矿,我花了它,只是告诉服务员

EN: More bottles, send it
ZH: 更多瓶,将它发送

EN: Boss, been that a long time and my Japanese bitch love me long time
ZH: 老板,一直说很长时间和我的日本婊子爱我时间长

EN: Out front dream long live
ZH: 前梦想万岁

EN: When Im on the bill might need a blue pill
ZH: Im 条例草案 》 时可能需要蓝色药片

EN: I, did I say that?
ZH: 我,我说了吗?

EN: Met a new bitch heard she a hoe, oh well
ZH: 遇到一个新的婊子听到她的锄头,哦好

EN: We be thugging, shout town thugging with my nigga Will Sanders
ZH: 我们是 thugging,将桑德斯著你喊镇 thugging

EN: Shout town clubbing, tell Kobe not a ball free
ZH: 喊镇夜总会,告诉神户不球免费

EN: Day time Im, occupying wall street
ZH: 一天时间 Im,占领华尔街

EN: New York city, every god damn I rap New York city
ZH: 每个该死我说唱纽约城市纽约

EN: Now she wanna fuck though, you already know though
ZH: 她虽然想操,现在你已经知道虽然

EN: She looking like a star and Im trying to make a porno
ZH: 她看上去就像一颗星和 Im 试图让色情

EN: And Im bout it every day, every day, every day,
ZH: Im bout 它每一天、 每一天、 每一天,

EN: Lately, Im the coach, now I dont really play
ZH: 最近,Im 教练,现在我真的不打

EN: Every day, every day, every day
ZH: 每一天,每一天,每一天

EN: Fuck what anybody say,
ZH: 操别人说什么,

EN: Cant see me cause money in the way
ZH: 看不到我的方式导致的钱

EN: Shake down, whats up, yeah
ZH: 是啊摇下来了,白云

EN: Huh, whats up, like that, like that wassup
ZH: 呵呵,什么是最多,像这样,喜欢那种情谊嘛