Red Cafe - 2010 Mentality / Got Damn (2010)

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Red Cafe - 2010 Mentality / Got Damn lyrics

only a handful of rappers is worth me sparring

if i'm on a record you know who's starring

if i'm at the game then you knows who's starting

now all the lil niggas tryna copy the carbon

i got the mini me stress smoking the carton

while i'm at Fenway to see the yanks play boston

i beg your pardon they know who i be

i ain't even gotta log in or show i.d

undisputable champ from the shakedown camp

chain hang low the piece light up like a lamp

whoa that boy cold i mean ice cold

he married to the streets yea let the rice go

still a Knicks fan cant get a good trade

all we need is that Lebron or a good Wade

meanwhile i gotta table full of red berry

now niggas acting like girls, Tyler Perry

wit they cups out and they glasses

who the fuck gave y'all g-passes?

part time rapper full time gangster

i hold New York down i be the anchor

put this on world star you see me in Japan

lil nigga im a world star call me world wide R

tell them old niggas fall back

filling up my voicemail and i dont call back

im fly every damn day like air mail

im here now tell them fuck boys farewell