Recall - Zerocent lyrics

Well it's gone through the cycle again,
But I'm still non-denominational
It could hail today, but then, it wouldn't rain
With comical faces and odd noises,
I could tell that you still weren't serious
When i was in the forefront, I was good,
I was brave
(But) An external meridian would spring trouble,
So let them build
An oscillation brought upon by a certain wave or a certain ray
I'd vouch to die at a time, if that time were right
Control of a zerocent

Break through, become a zerocent
Or stay there and look strange and become bent
Either way your still you and I'm still me
But i wish you could be...
A zerocent just like me

Inhale to exhale
Breathe in to breathe out
Evil or not...I'm still a zerocent
With the administration I could lead you in
But I'm not going to force you
You have to chose to...
Keep the trust secret

Trouble to seek through
Defy self control
Be free to run...
Be free to run...


Control of a Zerocent (x3)