Recall - The Lonliest Part About Wisconsin lyrics

The other day,
I met a man
A questionable man with light senses
This man didn't have very much/good taste (But then again, who am I to judge?)
And that of which he did have all went to waste
This man spent his most valuable time
On such, unworthy things
That were always on his mind
He would always ponder on when it would end
But a smile was put upon his face,
When he thought it'll all just start over again
He was wrong, as almost always
I couldn't find a reaosn why
Then and again, that's why we're so lonely

Let me tell you bout the way of a criminal,
Always/So subliminal, Subliminal
I wonder why we all must die
The question's never left alone,
Never lonely

Yeah, that's the way it goes,
Every single day
Don't point the finger Cuz everyone's to blame
We're all continually framed
For no purpose,
Only the surface which it's based upon
Yeah, I'm so fond, of this day and age
And your stupid face,
Your stupid fucking face
But I, couldn't find a reason
I couldn't find a reason
Of what and why it happened
But you could never feel it either way


And that's the reason why
The reason why
You never find a way
To continue/go on with everyday
In this fucked up place
Yeah this fucked up place

But, surpass the time
To where it's easier
To, continue on
But, It's so fake
You can't even relate
To this damn state,
This damn state,
But, uh


These situations,
Lead to many complications
No need
To succeed
I only need a day,
Just one damn day
To complete the cycle
And it's just not even worth it
It's just too frustrating
Takes so little time,
You almost don't want to trust it
It's so damn mean
I mean this world, this state, and your constantly changing, opinions


And that,
That is the lonliest part,
Of this stage