Recall - Reich Witness lyrics

Can you see the troubles I,
Am going through?
Even if you did,
I'm sure,
You wouldn't care
An there's an upspringing,
A supposed "reich" taking over,
I don't see why

Cuz your a neo-facisist bitch,
And you don't care about anyone or anyting
All you want is power,
And it's power you don't deserve
Rest in pieces, motherfucker,
Your goin down

And when the reviews were black and white
And the grounds were red with blood
And the pastures weren't green

("These were the times that our lives meant nothing, and they felt they were takig over, over. But then we rose above, and their empire fell to the ground! The motherfuckin ground.")

Different terms, Different meanings(x3)
Different terms, for different meanings(x3)


Fall away
Break away
Save the day


Can you see the troubles I am going through?
Even if you could I'm sure you wouldn't care